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1. The Workplace
We value our people as our greatest asset and adopt a best practice approach in our recruitment methods. We carry out recruitment in a fair and efficient manner.

We support our employees through our employment policies and practices, to support their development and personal wellbeing to maximize our potential.

A Code of Conduct is in place for staff and management. This code sets out an agreed set of ethical principles that all members of the and Board adhere to. The code promotes the maintenance of trust and confidence by colleagues, the Board, our customers and the Public. The code aims to prevent the development or acceptance of any unethical practices.

Learning and development, stress, employee wellbeing and family friendly working policies are also in place to promote a healthy work-life balance throughout the organization.

2. The Environment

We recognize the environmental responsibilities associated with all aspects of our monitoring, research and development practices. We are committed to ensure that the principles and standards of good environmental and waste management practices are adhered to throughout the organization.

It is our policy to ensure that our business practices avoid any potential adverse effects on the environment and protect the welfare of our employees and communities in which we operate.

Quality assured with our parts warranty

One unique aspect of buying a genuine part for your engine from an authorized distributor is that every single part they supply carries a minimum 12 months parts warranty from the date of purchase. This will cover the buyer for most expenses – labor* as well as parts – incurred as a result of any subsequent failure of the part within the first year.

Every genuine Perkins part carries at least a 12 month warranty, with complete replacement engines benefiting from not only this, but full factory standard warranty. No other, unofficial supplier of replacement parts can even attempt to compete with this. That is because only Perkins has designed, built and tested the original component or part.

At Indiana Maritime, we know the part you order will do the job you need. That is because we will have built it in line with the original specification.

  • Reduce use of paper at office with intention to protect environment.
  • Reduce electricity Consumption at office premises
  • Use Public Transportation whenever possible helps to reduce consumption of petrol.

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